I did not attend this conference, but who needs to when the presentations are uploaded for all and people share their work publically. Sorry to be cynical, but one can not attend all conferences. Credit must go to the R community who are an open and willing people. It from the twitter feed and and the general impression i felt, it seemed like a fun, engaging and comprehensive conference.

The Youtube videos

How awesome is it that all the conference talks and presentations were recorded for all the view at ones own pleasure. Lets hope they stay up for a while.

From the few videos that i have seen it pays to keep an ear out for the speaker to tell you about the Github repo where you will find the code and exercises that go with the talk.

The Twitter feed

Twitter and R go hand in hand. The hash tag #rstats is always a a good one to follow for just general R stuff. The UseR Brisbane conference had its own hash tag: user2018. Lots of delights there and interesting and helpful people to follow.