Journal Paper Digests 2021 #26

  • Returning lands to nature
  • Boosting the generalization ability of Vis-NIR-spectroscopy-based regression models through dimension reduction and transfer learning
  • One shot evaluation of NPK in soils by “electronic tongue”
  • Trafficking intensity index for soil compaction management in grasslands
  • Geophysics conquering new territories: The rise of “agrogeophysics”
  • Developing a strategy for the national coordinated soil moisture monitoring network

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #25

  • A comparison between three legacy soil maps of Zambia at national scale: The spatial patterns of legend units and their relation to soil properties.
  • Dielectric models for moisture determination of soils with variable organic matter content
  • Ten challenges for the future of pedometrics
  • Pedotransfer functions for estimating soil hydraulic properties from saturation to dryness
  • Soil weathering behavior assessed by combined spectral ranges: Insights into aggregate analysis

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #24

  • Nitrogen and phosphorus co-limit mineralization of labile carbon in deep subsoil
  • Spatial evaluation and trade-off analysis of soil functions through Bayesian networks
  • Towards a standardization of soil-related ecosystem service assessments
  • A decision support framework assessing management impacts on crop yield, soil carbon changes and nitrogen losses to the environment
  • Machine learning in space and time for modelling soil organic carbon change
  • Perspectives on data-driven soil research
  • Identifying the fingerprint of permanganate oxidizable carbon as a measure of labile soil organic carbon using Fourier transform mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy
  • Soil organic carbon in irrigated agricultural systems: A meta-analysis

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #23

  • Evaluation of soil organic matter from integrated production systems using laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Spatial decoupling of legacy phosphorus in cropland: Soil erosion and deposition as a mechanism for storage
  • How does soil compaction alter nitrous oxide fluxes? A meta-analysis
  • A new model for an improved AMSR2 satellite soil moisture retrieval over agricultural areas
  • On the impact of increasing drought on the relationship between soil water content and evapotranspiration of a grassland

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #22

  • The shift to plant-based diets: are we missing the point?
  • Can agroecology improve food security and nutrition? A review
  • Assessing map accuracy from a suite of site-specific, non-site specific, and spatial distribution approaches.
  • Hybrid LIBS-Raman-LIF systems for multi-modal spectroscopic applications: a topical review