Journal Paper Digests 2022 #8

  • Soil moisture retrieval over croplands using dual-pol L-band GRD SAR data
  • Using soil library hyperspectral reflectance and machine learning to predict soil organic carbon: Assessing potential of airborne and spaceborne optical soil sensing
  • From energy to (soil organic) matter
  • Century-long changes and drivers of soil nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions across the contiguous United States
  • Soil profile analysis using interactive visualizations, machine learning, and deep learning
  • Estimating soil chemical properties by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy: Promise versus reality
  • A simple method for estimating the optimum water content for tillage
  • RUSSELL REVIEW Are plant roots only “in” soil or are they “of” it? Roots, soil formation and function
  • Statistical modelling of measurement error in wet chemistry soil data
  • The cost-effectiveness of reflectance spectroscopy for estimating soil organic carbon
  • Mapping depth to Pleistocene sand with Bayesian generalized linear geostatistical models

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #7

  • Optimal smart contract for autonomous greenhouse environment based on IoT blockchain network in agriculture
  • Advances in gas sensors and electronic nose technologies for agricultural cycle applications

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #6

  • Carbon stocks in umbric ferralsols driven by plant productivity and geomorphic processes, not by mineral protection
  • NASA’s surface biology and geology designated observable: A perspective on surface imaging algorithms
  • Transforming food systems: Multi-stakeholder platforms driven by consumer concerns and public demands

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #5

  • Variations and controlling factors of soil denitrification rate
  • Uncovering the critical soil moisture thresholds of plant water stress for European ecosystems

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #5

  • Soil enzymes as indicators of soil function: A step toward greater realism in microbial ecological modeling
  • What type of gully is that? The need for a classification of gullies
  • The naturalness index for the identification of natural areas on regional scale