Journal Paper Digests 2022 #4

  • A miniaturized method for fast, simple, and sensitive pesticide analysis in soils
  • Bio-mediated soil improvement: An introspection into processes, materials, characterization and applications
  • Soil salinity: A global threat to sustainable development
  • Responding to Ecological Transformation: Mental Models, External Constraints, and Manager Decision-Making
  • Management Foundations for Navigating Ecological Transformation by Resisting, Accepting, or Directing Social-Ecological Change

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #3

  • Estimating cation exchange capacity from agronomic soil tests: Comparing Mehlich-3 and ammonium acetate sum of cations
  • Evaluation of Mehlich-3 for determination of cation exchange capacity in Kansas soils
  • The meaning of net zero and how to get it right

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #2

  • Mechanisms of soil organic carbon stability and its response to no-till: A global synthesis and perspective
  • Global variation in soil carbon sequestration potential through improved cropland management
  • Beyond bulk: Density fractions explain heterogeneity in global soil carbon abundance and persistence
  • What Can We Learn From the Water Retention Characteristic of a Soil Regarding Its Hydrological and Agricultural Functions? Review and Analysis of Actual Knowledge
  • Soil carbon stocks in temperate grasslands differ strongly across sites but are insensitive to decade-long fertilization
  • A global overview of studies about land management, land-use change, and climate change effects on soil organic carbon
  • A new open-path eddy covariance method for nitrous oxide and other trace gases that minimizes temperature corrections

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #1

  • Bacterial and archaeal taxa are reliable indicators of soil restoration across distributed calcareous grasslands
  • Soil health cluster analysis based on national monitoring of soil indicators
  • What is a good level of soil organic matter? An index based on organic carbon to clay ratio
  • Biochar in climate change mitigation
  • Digital trust substitution technologies to support smallholder livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Humic Substances: Hypotheses and Reality (a Review)

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #41

  • The Four Ways to Consider Measurement Noise in Bayesian Model Selection-And Which One to Choose
  • Spatial-temporal characteristics of ecosystem health in Central Asia
  • Responses of soil pH to no-till and the factors affecting it: A global meta-analysis
  • Distribution of soil organic matter fractions are altered with soil priming
  • Soil rock fragments: Unquantified players in terrestrial carbon and nitrogen cycles
  • Protect, manage and then restore lands for climate mitigation
  • Soil quality and grain yield: A win-win combination in clayey tropical oxisols