Journal Paper Digests 2020 #9

  • Sub-pixel mapping with point constraints
  • An integrated methodology using open soil spectral libraries and Earth Observation data for soil organic carbon estimations in support of soil-related SDGs.
  • Earth observation-based ecosystem services indicators for national and subnational reporting of the sustainable development goals
  • Validation practices for satellite soil moisture retrievals: What are (the) errors?
  • Agricultural drought mitigating indices derived from the changes in drought characteristics
  • An optimal design for hierarchical generalized group testing
  • “sen2r”: An R toolbox for automatically downloading and preprocessing Sentinel-2 satellite data
  • atakrig: An R package for multivariate area-to-area and area-to-point kriging predictions
  • Content search within large environmental datasets using a convolution neural network

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #8

  • VisNIR integrated multi-sensing penetrometer for in situ high-resolution vertical soil sensing
  • Classification of soil aggregates: A novel approach based on deep learning
  • Applications of SAR Interferometric Coherence Time Series: Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Geomorphic Transitions in the South-Central Andes.
  • Clay content and mineralogy, organic carbon and cation exchange capacity affect water vapour sorption hysteresis of soil
  • Simultaneous measurement of net nitrogen mineralization and denitrification rates in soil using nitrification inhibitor 3,5-dimethylpyrazole

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #7

  • Mapping nature’s contribution to SDG 6 and implications for other SDGs at policy relevant scales
  • Comprehensive analysis of alternative downscaled soil moisture products
  • The impact of sensitivity and uncertainty of soil physical parameters on the terms of the water balance: Some case studies with default R packages. Part I: Theory, methods and case descriptions
  • The impact of sensitivity and uncertainty of soil physical parameters on the terms of the water balance: Some case studies with default R packages. Part II: Results and discussion
  • Improving the Predictive Skill of a Distributed Hydrological Model by Calibration on Spatial Patterns With Multiple Satellite Data Sets
  • The role of climate variability in Australian drought

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #6

  • Which practices co-deliver food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and combat land degradation and desertification?
  • Global patterns of terrestrial nitrogen and phosphorus limitation
  • Mapping soil organic carbon and clay using remote sensing to predict soil workability for enhanced climate change adaptation
  • Modelling the spatial extent and severity of extreme European windstorms

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #5

  • Model parameterization to represent processes at unresolved scales and changing properties of evolving systems
  • R software packages as a tool for evaluating soil physical and hydraulic properties
  • Integrating satellite soil-moisture estimates and hydrological model products over Australia
  • Process-Guided Deep Learning Predictions of Lake Water Temperature