Journal Paper Digests 2021 #19

  • Evaluating the benefits of chlorophyll fluorescence for in-season crop productivity forecasting
  • Different climate sensitivity of particulate and mineral-associated soil organic matter
  • Effect of missing data on short time series and their application in the characterization of surface temperature by detrended fluctuation analysis
  • Decomposition of multivariate spatial data into latent factors
  • Prediction of various soil properties for a national spatial dataset of Scottish soils based on four different chemometric approaches: A comparison of near infrared and mid-infrared spectroscopy

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #18

  • Simultaneously estimating surface soil moisture and roughness of bare soils by combining optical and radar data
  • The economics of liming in arable crop rotations: analysis of the 35-year Rothamsted and Woburn liming experiments
  • An integrated spatial econometric approach in valuing soil conservation using contingent valuation
  • Governing climate risks in the face of normative uncertainties

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #17

  • Comparison of soil organic matter composition under different land uses by DRIFT spectroscopy
  • The Role of Soils in Land Degradation Assessment: A Review
  • Rapid soil and vegetation changes at regional scale in continental Antarctica
  • Compaction induced soil structural degradation affects productivity and environmental outcomes: A review and New Zealand case study
  • The ecosystem services of urban soils: A review
  • Potential benefits of liming to acid soils on climate change mitigation and food security
  • Current carbon prices do not stack up to much land use change, despite bundled ecosystem service co-benefits
  • Reducing climate impacts of beef production: A synthesis of life cycle assessments across management systems and global regions

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #16

  • Soil carbon dynamics during drying vs. rewetting: Importance of antecedent moisture conditions
  • Air-drying and long time preservation of soil do not significantly impact microbial community composition and structure
  • Organic carbon pools and organic matter chemical composition in response to different land uses in southern Brazil
  • Introducing digital twins to agriculture
  • A review of geostatistical simulation models applied to satellite remote sensing: Methods and applications

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #15

  • Stochastic and deterministic interpretation of pool models
  • Classifying human influences on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Feasibility of the 4 per 1000 aspirational target for soil carbon: A case study for France
  • Environmental covariates improve the spectral predictions of organic carbon in subtropical soils in southern Brazil
  • Using autoencoders to compress soil VNIR-SWIR spectra for more robust prediction of soil properties