Journal Paper Digests 2020 #4

  • Quantification of Peat Thickness and Stored Carbon at the Landscape Scale in Tropical Peatlands: A Comparison of Airborne Geophysics and an Empirical Topographic Method
  • Hydrogeological Modeling and Water Resources Management: Improving the Link Between Data, Prediction, and Decision Making

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #3

  • Human fingerprint in global weather
  • Changing risks of simultaneous global breadbasket failure

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #2

  • Estimating Soil Hydraulic Conductivity at the Field Scale With a State-Space Approach
  • Soil risk maps - Interpreting soils data for policy makers, agencies and industry
  • A review of remote laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
  • How to measure, report and verify soil carbon change to realize the potential of soil carbon sequestration for atmospheric greenhouse gas removal
  • How eddy covariance flux measurements have contributed to our understanding of Global Change Biology
  • Rethinking sources of nitrogen to cereal crops
  • Conceptualizing soil organic matter into particulate and mineral-associated forms to address global change in the 21st century

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #1 (part 3)

  • Soil health assessment: Past accomplishments, current activities, and future opportunities
  • Development of soil spectral allocation models considering the effect of soil moisture
  • Evolutionary Pathways in Soil-Geomorphic Systems
  • Australian hot and dry extremes induced by weakenings of the stratospheric polar vortex
  • Exogenous and endogenous controls on the development of soil structure

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #1 (part 2)

  • Primitives as building blocks for constructing land cover maps
  • The East African contribution to the formalisation of the soil catena concept
  • A note on knowledge discovery and machine learning in digital soil mapping
  • Nitrogen mineralisation in sugarcane soils in Queensland, Australia: I. evaluation of soil tests for predicting nitrogen mineralisation
  • Predicting soil carbon saturation deficit and related properties of New Zealand soils using infrared spectroscopy
  • Mapping change in key soil properties due to climate change over south-eastern Australia (vol 57, pg 467, 2019)
  • Modeling the co-evolution of natural, economic and governance subsystems in integrated agri-ecological systems: Perspectives and challenges
  • Utilising geochemical data for the identification and characterisation of mineral exploration sample media within cover sequence materials
  • Estimating Atterberg Limits of Fine-Grained Soils by Visible-Near-Infrared Spectroscopy