Journal Paper Digests 2021 #9

  • Rethinking restoration indicators and end-points for post-mining landscapes in light of novel ecosystems
  • Getting the message right on nature-based solutions to climate change
  • Assessment of the interpretability of data mining for the spatial modelling of water erosion using game theory

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #8

  • Global Surface Soil Moisture Drydown Patterns
  • Disentangling the Impact of Catchment Heterogeneity on Nitrate Export Dynamics From Event to Long-Term Time Scales
  • Mass-balance approach to quantify water distribution in soils based onX-ray computed tomography images
  • Land system diversity, scaling laws and polygons map analysis
  • Statistical approaches for spatial sample survey: Persistent misconceptions and new
  • Estimation of carbon stocks in boreal cropland soils - methodological considerations
  • Introducing a mechanistic model in digital soil mapping to predict soil organic matter stocks in theCantabrianregion (Spain)
  • A log -barrier approach for airborne gamma-ray spectrometry inversion
  • The influence of rock fragments on field capacity water content in stony soils from hard sandstone alluvium
  • Soil quality and grain yield: A win-win combination in clayey tropical oxisols

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #7

  • A TDR wireless device for volumetric water content sensing
  • Ecotrons: Powerful and versatile ecosystem analysers for ecology, agronomy and environmental science
  • Age and origin of the Cumberland (Inner Sydney) Basin of southeast Australia
  • Uncertainty analysis of eleven multisource soil moisture products in the third pole environment based on the three-corned hat method
  • A D-vine copula quantile regression approach for soil moisture retrieval from dual polarimetric SAR Sentinel-1 over vegetated terrains

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #6

  • Three different Fourier-transform mid-infrared sampling techniques to characterize bio-organic samples
  • Modeling of phosphorus loss from field to watershed: A review
  • Global Research Alliance N2O chamber methodology guidelines: Introduction, with health and safety considerations
  • Drivers of regional soil water storage memory and persistence
  • A profile shape correction to reduce the vertical sensitivity of cosmic-ray neutron sensing of soil moisture
  • Estimating coefficient of linear extensibility using Vis-NIR reflectance spectral data: Comparison of model validation approaches

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #5

  • Prediction of available phosphorus in soil: Combined use for crop production and water quality protection
  • Predicting total petroleum hydrocarbons in field soils with Vis-NIR models developed on laboratory-constructed
  • Selecting soil properties for assessment of soil aggregation using principal component and clustering analyses
  • Modified self-adaptive model for improving the prediction accuracy of soil organic matter by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy