Journal Paper Digests 2019 #12

  • Reducing Sampling Uncertainty in Aeolian Research to Improve Change Detection
  • Deep soil flipping increases carbon stocks of New Zealand grasslands
  • How ecologists define drought, and why we should do better

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #13

  • Microbial spatial footprint as a driver of soil carbon stabilization
  • New statistical methods for the comparison and characterization of particle shape

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #12

  • Physically Based Model for Extracting Dual-Permeability Parameters Using Non-Newtonian Fluids
  • Scale Issues in Soil Hydrology
  • Strength matters: Resisting erosion across upland landscapes
  • Using deep learning for multivariate mapping of soil with quantified uncertainty

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #11

  • Monitoring the Sustainable Intensification of Arable Agriculture: the Potential Role of Earth Observation
  • Testing a Water Redistribution Model in a Cracked Vertisol at Two Scales
  • Infiltration from the Pedon to Global Grid Scales: An Overview and Outlook for Land Surface Modeling

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #10

  • Harmonization of GEOV2 fAPAR time series through MODIS data for global drought monitoring
  • Time series harmonic regression analysis reveals seasonal vegetation productivity trends in semi-arid savannas
  • Retrieval of crop biophysical parameters from Sentinel-2 remote sensing imagery
  • Large scale operational soil moisture mapping from passive MW radiometry: SMOS product evaluation in Europe & USA
  • Surface-enhanced spectroscopy: Toward practical analysis probe
  • Soil health indicators after 21 yr of no-tillage in south coastal British Columbia
  • Simultaneous determination of beta-glucosidase, beta-glucosaminidase, acid phosphomonoesterase, and arylsulfatase activities in a soil sample for a biogeochemical cycling index