Journal Paper Digests 2021 #4

  • Prediction of available phosphorus in soil: Combined use for crop production and water quality protection
  • Life cycle assessment of wheat production and wheat-based crop rotations
  • Quantifying organic carbon stocks using a stereological profile imaging method to account for rock fragments in stony soils
  • How many sampling points are needed to estimate the mean nitrate-N content of agricultural fields? A geostatistical simulation approach with uncertain variograms
  • Downscaling digital soil maps using electromagnetic induction and aerial imagery
  • In-situ and triple-collocation based evaluations of eight global root zone soil moisture products
  • Conceptual Links between Landscape Diversity and Diet Diversity: A Roadmap for Transdisciplinary Research
  • Perspectives on validation in digital soil mapping of continuous attributes-A review
  • Objective functions from Bayesian optimization to locate additional drillholes

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #3

  • Glomalin - Truths, myths, and the future of this elusive soil glycoprotein
  • How microbes can, and cannot, be used to assess soil health
  • Analysis of the Informativity of Big Satellite Precision-Farming Data Processing for Correcting Large-Scale Soil Maps
  • Frontiers in Cultural Ecosystem Services: Toward Greater Equity and Justice in Ecosystem Services Research and Practice

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #2

  • Gully prevention and control: Techniques, failures and effectiveness
  • The potential of portable luminescence readers in geomorphological investigations: a review
  • Current trends in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: a tutorial review
  • A minimum data set of soil morphological properties for quantifying soil quality in coastal agroecosystems
  • Three-dimensional quantification of soil pore structure in wind-deposited loess under different vegetation types using industrial X-ray computed tomography

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #1

  • Soil moisture–atmosphere feedbacks mitigate declining water availability in drylands

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #21

  • Beyond ecosystem modeling: A roadmap to community cyberinfrastructure for ecological data‐model integration
  • Monitoring of wheat crops using the backscattering coefficient and the interferometric coherence derived from Sentinel-1 in semi-arid areas
  • Synergistic use of SMAP and OCO-2 data in assessing the responses of ecosystem productivity to the 2018 U.S. drought
  • lidR: An R package for analysis of Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) data
  • Proximally sensed digital data library to predict topsoil clay across multiple sugarcane fields of Australia: Applicability of local and universal support vector machine
  • Hypotheses, machine learning and soil mapping
  • Predicting soil properties in 3D: Should depth be a covariate?
  • Paper chromatography: An inconsistent tool for assessing soil health
  • UAV‐based training for fully fuzzy classification of Sentinel‐2 fluvial scenes
  • Integrating portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) measurement uncertainty for accurate soil contamination mapping
  • A Bayesian approach toward the use of qualitative information to inform on-farm decision making: The example of soil compaction
  • Errors induced by spectral measurement positions and instrument noise in soil organic carbon prediction using vis-NIR on intact soil
  • Combination of soil texture with Nix color sensor can improve soil organic carbon prediction
  • Numerical soil classification supports soil identification by citizen scientists using limited, simple soil observations
  • Beyond x,y,z(t); Navigating New Landscapes of Science in the Science of Landscapes
  • From pools to flow: The PROMISE framework for new insights on soil carbon cycling in a changing world
  • Reference state and benchmark concepts for better biodiversity conservation in contemporary ecosystems
  • COSORE: A community database for continuous soil respiration and other soil‐atmosphere greenhouse gas flux data