Journal Paper Digests 2017 #31

  • Shifts in pore connectivity from precipitation versus groundwater rewetting increases soil carbon loss after drought
  • A novel earth observation based ecological indicator for cyanobacterial blooms
  • Wavelength feature mapping as a proxy to mineral chemistry for investigating geologic systems: An example from the Rodalquilar epithermal system
  • Dynamics of Agricultural Soil Erosion in European Russia
  • Towards process-informed bias correction of climate change simulations
  • Higher climatological temperature sensitivity of soil carbon in cold than warm climates
  • Aeolian sediment fingerprinting using a Bayesian mixing model
  • Near real time de-noising of satellite-based soil moisture retrievals: An intercomparison among three different techniques
  • Landsat images and crop model for evaluating water stress of rainfed soybean

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #31

  • An Assessment of Pedotransfer Function Performance for the Estimation of Spatial Variability of Key soil Hydraulic Properties
  • Spatial Distribution of Organic Matter Compounds at Intact Macropore Surfaces Predicted by DRIFT Spectroscopy
  • Introduction of Faba bean in crop rotation: Impacts on soil chemical and biological characteristics
  • SituResp (R): A time- and cost-effective method to assess basal soil respiration in the field
  • Exploring the reservoir of potential fungal plant pathogens in agricultural soil
  • Near real time de-noising of satellite-based soil moisture retrievals: An intercomparison among three different techniques
  • Landsat images and crop model for evaluating water stress of rainfed soybean
  • The optical trapezoid model: A novel approach to remote sensing of soil moisture applied to Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 observations
  • A new method for crop classification combining time series of radar images and crop phenology information
  • Spatial variability of Australian soil texture: A multiscale analysis
  • Multiscale contextual spatial modelling with the Gaussian scale space
  • A new evaluation approach of World War One’s devastated front zone: A shell hole density map based on historical aerial photographs and validated by electromagnetic induction field measurements to link the metal shrapnel phenomenon
  • Modified Centroid for Estimating Sand, Silt, and Clay from Soil Texture Class
  • Statistics, Scoring Functions, and Regional Analysis of a Comprehensive Soil Health Database

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #30

  • Microbial biomass and biological activity of soils and soil-like bodies in coastal oases of Antarctica
  • Laboratory Analytical Methods for the Determination of the Hydrocarbon Status of Soils (a Review)
  • Comparison of Three Methods for Vertical Extrapolation of Soil Moisture in Oklahoma
  • Revisiting the horizontal redistribution of water in soils: Experiments and numerical modeling
  • A new approach for zoning irregularly-spaced, within-field data
  • Microbial community-level regulation explains soil carbon responses to long-term litter manipulations
  • Algorithms vs. surveyors: A comparison of automated landform delineations and surveyed topographic positions from soil mapping in an Alpine environment
  • Sensor data fusion for soil health assessment
  • Potential contribution of soil diversity and abundance metrics to identifying high nature value farmland (HNV)
  • Soil organic carbon dynamics jointly controlled by climate, carbon inputs, soil properties and soil carbon fractions

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #29

  • Parallelization of interpolation, solar radiation and water flow simulation modules in GRASS GIS using OpenMP
  • Nitrogen balance in Australia and nitrogen use efficiency on Australian farms
  • Deriving adaptive operating rules of hydropower reservoirs using time-varying parameters generated by the EnKF
  • A geospatial decision support system for supporting quality viticulture at the landscape scale
  • A generic ontological network for Agri-food experiment integration - Application to viticulture and winemaking
  • Bayesian principal component regression model with spatial effects for forest inventory variables under small field sample size

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #28

  • Is demineralization with dilute hydrofluoric acid a viable method for isolating mineral stabilized soil organic matter?
  • Controlling factors for the stability of subsoil carbon in a Dystric Cambisol
  • Decrease of soil organic matter stabilization with increasing inputs: Mechanisms and controls
  • Evaluation of pre-treatment procedures for improved interpretation of mid infrared spectra of soil organic matter