Journal Paper Digests 2019 #10

  • Harmonization of GEOV2 fAPAR time series through MODIS data for global drought monitoring
  • Time series harmonic regression analysis reveals seasonal vegetation productivity trends in semi-arid savannas
  • Retrieval of crop biophysical parameters from Sentinel-2 remote sensing imagery
  • Large scale operational soil moisture mapping from passive MW radiometry: SMOS product evaluation in Europe & USA
  • Surface-enhanced spectroscopy: Toward practical analysis probe
  • Soil health indicators after 21 yr of no-tillage in south coastal British Columbia
  • Simultaneous determination of beta-glucosidase, beta-glucosaminidase, acid phosphomonoesterase, and arylsulfatase activities in a soil sample for a biogeochemical cycling index

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #9

  • Effect of Macroporosity on Pedotransfer Function Estimates at the Field Scale
  • Combining Visible-Near-Infrared and Pedotransfer Functions for Parameterization of Tile Drain Flow Simulations
  • Meteoric Beryllium-10 as a Tracer of Erosion Due to Postsettlement Land Use in West-Central Minnesota, USA
  • Normalized difference vegetation change index: A technique for detecting vegetation changes using Landsat imagery
  • Evaluating the utilization of the red edge and radar bands from sentinel sensors for wetland classification
  • Extreme Pedology: Elements of Theory and Methodological Approaches
  • Climate change does not alter land-use effects on soil fauna communities
  • Global environmental changes impact soil hydraulic functions through biophysical feedbacks
  • Spatial early warning signals for impending regime shifts: A practical framework for application in real-world landscapes

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #8

  • Comparing Visible-Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and a Pedotransfer Function for Predicting the Dry Region of the Soil-Water Retention Curve
  • Climate damages and adaptation potential across diverse sectors of the United States

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #7

  • Viewing Agricultural Water Management Through a Systems Analysis Lens
  • A Game Theory Warning to Blind Drivers Playing Chicken With Public Goods
  • Parameter Analysis and Estimates for the MODIS Evapotranspiration Algorithm and Multiscale Verification
  • Linking cropland ecosystem services to microbiome taxonomic composition and functional composition in a sandy loam soil with 28-year organic and inorganic fertilizer regimes
  • Drought-induced decline of productivity in the dominant grassland species Lolium perenne L. depends on soil type and prevailing climatic conditions
  • Distinct pattern of nitrogen functional gene abundances in top- and subsoils along a 120,000-year ecosystem development gradient
  • Separation of geochemical anomalies from the sample data of unknown distribution population using Gaussian mixture model
  • Boundary modeling with moving least squares
  • Plant available water in saline soils - revisited
  • Predicting nitrogen mineralisation in Australian irrigated cotton cropping systems
  • High precision tracing of soil and sediment movement using fluorescent tracers at hillslope scale
  • The implications of bias correction methods and climate model ensembles on soil erosion projections under climate change
  • Hillslope and point based soil erosion - an evaluation of a Landscape Evolution Model
  • A space-time observation system for soil moisture in agricultural landscapes
  • Uncertainty assessment of GlobalSoilMap soil available water capacity products: A French case study
  • Probability mapping of soil thickness by random survival forest at a national scale

Journal Paper Digests 2019 #6

  • Prominence of the tropics in the recent rise of global nitrogen pollution
  • Estimation of Surface Soil Moisture With Downscaled Land Surface Temperatures Using a Data Fusion Approach for Heterogeneous Agricultural Land
  • Characterization of contamination levels of heavy metals in agricultural soils using geochemical baseline concentrations
  • Building Ecological Resilience in Highly Modified Landscapes
  • Robust soil mapping at the farm scale with vis-NIR spectroscopy
  • Lanthanides in granulometric fractions of Mediterranean soils. Can they be used as fingerprints of provenance?
  • A novel hierarchical clustering analysis method based on Kullback-Leibler divergence and application on dalaimiao geochemical exploration data
  • Can alternative cropping systems mitigate nitrogen losses and improve GHG balance? Results from a 19-yr experiment in Northern France