Journal Paper Digests 2018 #15

  • Status and Perspectives on the Cosmic-Ray Neutron Method for Soil Moisture Estimation and Other Environmental Science Applications
  • From tailings to soil: long-term effects of amendments on progress and trajectory of soil formation and in situ remediation in bauxite residue
  • Bibliometric analysis of insights into soil remediation
  • An improved estimation model for soil heavy metal(loid) concentration retrieval in mining areas using reflectance spectroscopy
  • Global-scale evaluation of SMAP, SMOS and ASCAT soil moisture products using triple collocation
  • Mining the regularity of landscape-structure heterogeneity to improve urban land-cover mapping
  • Urban land-use mapping using a deep convolutional neural network with high spatial resolution multispectral remote sensing imagery
  • NASA’s Black Marble nighttime lights product suite
  • A pedometric technique to delimitate soil-specific zones at field scale
  • A preliminary spatial quantification of the soil security dimensions for Tasmania
  • The distribution and morphology of microplastics in coastal soils adjacent to the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #14

  • An algorithm for selecting groups of factors for prioritization of land consolidation in rural areas
  • Influence of species richness, evenness, and composition on optical diversity: A simulation study
  • Retrieving surface soil moisture at high spatio-temporal resolution from a synergy between Sentinel-1 radar and Landsat thermal data: A study case over bare soil
  • Mapping soil moisture with the OPtical TRApezoid Model (OPTRAM) based on long-term MODIS observations.
  • Spatial point pattern analysis of piping erosion in loess-derived soils in Golestan Province, Iran
  • Geostatistical analysis of pedodiversity in Taihang Mountain region in North China
  • Carbon input by roots into the soil: Quantification of rhizodeposition from root to ecosystem scale
  • Analysis of climate signals in the crop yield record of sub-Saharan Africa

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #13

  • Modelling of soil texture and its verification with related soil properties

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #12

  • Mapping rootable depth and root zone plant-available water holding capacity of the soil of sub-Saharan Africa
  • Accounting for non-stationary variance in geostatistical mapping of soil properties
  • Conservation agriculture practices increase soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in agricultural soils: A global meta-analysis

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #11

  • Characterizing soil particle sizes using wavelet analysis of microscope images
  • A zone-based approach for processing and interpreting variability in multi temporal yield data sets