Journal Paper Digests 2017 #18

  • A MATLAB based 3D modeling and inversion code for MT data
  • Analysis of training sample selection strategies for regression-based quantitative landslide susceptibility mapping methods
  • Extending R packages to support 64-bit compiled code: An illustration with spam64 and GIMMS NDVI3g data
  • Spatio-ecological complexity measures in GRASS GIS
  • Predicting the abundance of clays and quartz in oil sands using hyperspectral measurements
  • Assessing gaps in irrigated agricultural productivity through satellite earth observations-A case study of the Fergana Valley, Central Asia
  • Forecast of wheat yield throughout the agricultural season using optical and radar satellite images
  • Rapid prediction of soil mineralogy using imaging spectroscopy
  • Comparison of Soil Water Potential Sensors: A Drying Experiment
  • Essentials in Soil Physics: An introduction to Soil Processes, Functions, Structure and Mechanics
  • Nonlinear parametric modelling to study how soil properties affect crop yields and NDVI
  • Honey authentication based on physicochemical parameters and phenolic compounds
  • Interoperable agro-meteorological observation and analysis platform for precision agriculture: A case study in citrus crop water requirement estimation
  • An adaptive approach for UAV-based pesticide spraying in dynamic environments
  • A comparison of SMOS and AMSR2 soil moisture using representative sites of the OzNet monitoring network

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #17

  • Modification of the random forest algorithm to avoid statistical dependence problems when classifying remote sensing imagery
  • Rule-based topology system for spatial databases to validate complex geographic datasets
  • A pragmatic, automated approach for retroactive calibration of soil moisture sensors using a two-step, soil-specific correction

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #16

  • Bayesian modelling of Dupuytren disease by using Gaussian copula graphical models
  • Quantification of Soil Permanganate Oxidizable C (POXC) Using Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Construction of Membership Functions for Soil Mapping using the Partial Dependence of Soil on Environmental Covariates Calculated by Random Forest
  • Neighborhood Size of Training Data Influences Soil Map Disaggregation

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #14

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #13