Journal Paper Digests 2023 #4

  • A physical method for downscaling land surface temperatures using surface energy balance theory
  • Soil bacterial and fungal communities show within field heterogeneity that varies by land management and distance metric
  • Soil texture and pH affect soil CO2 efflux in hardwood floodplain forests of the lower middle Elbe River
  • Using model simulation to evaluate soil loss potential in diversified agricultural landscapes
  • The importance of incorporating soil in the life cycle assessment procedure to improve the sustainability of agricultural management

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #3

  • Multi-modelling predictions show high uncertainty of required carbon input changes to reach a 4 parts per thousand target
  • Applications of Computed Tomography (CT) in environmental soil and plant sciences
  • How does soil structure affect water infiltration? A meta-data systematic review
  • Knowledge Is Power: Where Digital Soil Mapping Needs Geopedology
  • Those who can don’t want to, and those who want to can’t: An eco-evolutionary mechanism of soil carbon persistence
  • Land use legacy footprint in Mediterranean forest soils: An infrared spectroscopy approach
  • Interactive soil moisture interface of multi-depth change over time
  • Assessing alteration of soil quality, degradation, and resistance indices under different land uses through network and factor analysis

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #2

  • Behaviour as leverage
  • Interactive effects of global change drivers as determinants of the link between soil biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Effects of land clearing for agriculture on soil organic carbon stocks in drylands: A meta-analysis
  • Soils in warmer and less developed countries have less micronutrients globally

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #1

  • Variability of phosphorus sorption properties in hydromorphic soils: Consequences for P losses in agricultural landscapes
  • Fraser Island (K’gari) and initiation of the Great Barrier Reef linked by Middle Pleistocene sea-level change
  • Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition (delta C-13) as a Proxy of Organic Matter Dynamics in Soils on the Western Shore of Lake Baikal
  • Methods for downhole soil water sensor calibration-Complications of bulk density and water content variations
  • Feasibility assessment on use of proximal geophysical sensors to support precision management
  • Soil acidity amelioration improves N and C cycles in the short term in a system with soybean followed by maize-guinea grass intercropping

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #24

  • Fusion of Gamma-rays and portable X-ray fluorescence spectral data to measure extractable potassium in soils
  • Tipping points of marine phytoplankton to multiple environmental stressors
  • Warming reduces global agricultural production by decreasing cropping frequency and yields
  • Benchmarking downscaled satellite-based soil moisture products using sparse, point-scale ground observations
  • A web-based system for satellite-based high-resolution global soil moisture maps