Geochemical fingerprinting of volcanic soils used for wetland rice in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Published in Geoderma Regional 10 (2017) 48-63.

Toward the end of 2016, Prof. Dian Fiantis (Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Andalas, Kampus Limau Manis) spent around 3 months in our soil science research group. With her in her kit bag, were a number of soil samples collected from various sites around a few different volcanoes situated in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Together with Budiman Minansy, Dian wanted to determine whether soils from different volcanoes had unique and identifiable geochemical fingerprints. We set about determining this using X-ray fluorescence technology and other soil analysis approaches to determine the concentration of the mineral elements of these soils.

This paper is the outcome of some of Dian’s research. There are more research outputs to come! Prof. Fiantis is a credit to her university, and was a joy to have around our research group in 2016.

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