Soil carbon 4 per mille

Published in Geoderma 292 (2017) 59-86.

The ‘4 per mille Soils for Food Security and Climate’ was launched at the COP21 with an aspiration to increase global soil organic matter stocks by 4 per 1000 (or 0.4 %) per year as a compensation for the global emissions of greenhouse gases by anthropogenic sources.

This paper surveyed the soil organic carbon (SOC) stock estimates and sequestration potentials from 20 regions in the world: New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Tanzania, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, India, China Taiwan, South Korea, China Mainland, United States of America, France, Canada, Belgium, England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Russia.

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From 12-16 December 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the joint conference of the New Zealand Society of Soil Science and Soil Science Australia. The conference was held in one of the most iconic places of New Zealand: the scenic resort town of Queenstown in the South Island. The overarching theme of the conference was ‘Soil, a Balancing Act Down-under’ to glance the torch light onto the challenges in managing soils to reach a careful balance between many, often competing, land-use, productivity and environmental aspirations. I report on some of my observations from this interesting conference.

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