Journal Paper Digests 2020 #18

  • Global Cropland Connectivity: A Risk Factor for Invasion and Saturation by Emerging Pathogens and Pests
  • Land use/land cover recognition in arid zone using A multi-dimensional multi-grained residual Forest
  • Pedotransfer Function for the Brunswick Soil Hydraulic Property Model and Comparison to the van Genuchten‐Mualem Model
  • Soil-based, field-specific fertilizer recommendations are a pipe-dream
  • Trade-offs in greenhouse gas emissions across a liming-induced gradient of soil pH: Role of microbial structure and functioning

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #17

  • Mapping the effectiveness of nature‐based solutions for climate change adaptation
  • Diversity‐dependent soil acidification under nitrogen enrichment constrains biomass productivity

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #16

  • Molecular trade-offs in soil organic carbon composition at continental scale
  • Linear mixed effects models for non‐Gaussian continuous repeated measurement data
  • Circular regression trees and forests with an application to probabilistic wind direction forecasting
  • Use of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and Nix pro color sensor in combination for rapid prediction of soil organic carbon
  • A framework for modelling soil structure dynamics induced by biological activity

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #15

  • Characterising the biophysical, economic and social impacts of soil carbon sequestration as a greenhouse gas removal technology
  • Adapting smartphone app used in water testing, for soil nutrient analysis
  • From sensor data to Munsell color system: Machine learning algorithm applied to tropical soil color classification via Nix™ Pro sensor
  • Effects of water, organic matter, and iron forms in mid-IR spectra of soils: Assessments from laboratory to satellite-simulated data

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #14

  • Quantifying uncertainty for remote spectroscopy of surface composition