Journal Paper Digests 2020 #15

  • Characterising the biophysical, economic and social impacts of soil carbon sequestration as a greenhouse gas removal technology
  • Adapting smartphone app used in water testing, for soil nutrient analysis
  • From sensor data to Munsell color system: Machine learning algorithm applied to tropical soil color classification via Nix™ Pro sensor
  • Effects of water, organic matter, and iron forms in mid-IR spectra of soils: Assessments from laboratory to satellite-simulated data

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #14

  • Quantifying uncertainty for remote spectroscopy of surface composition

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #13

  • Mapping soil profile depth, bulk density and carbon stock in Scotland using remote sensing and spatial covariates
  • A new approach for studying vertical infiltration
  • Increasing the organic carbon stocks in mineral soils sequesters large amounts of phosphorus
  • Global human influence maps reveal clear opportunities in conserving Earth’s remaining intact terrestrial ecosystems
  • Distinct controls over the temporal dynamics of soil carbon fractions after land use change
  • Soil as an extended composite phenotype of the microbial metagenome

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #12

  • Soil magnetic susceptibility and its relationship with naturally occurring processes and soil attributes in pedosphere, in a tropical environment
  • The challenge for the soil science community to contribute to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Evaluating a low-cost portable NIR spectrometer for the prediction of soil organic and total carbon using different calibration models
  • The Dynamics of Soil Microbial Communities on Different Timescales: A Review
  • Debates: Does Information Theory Provide a New Paradigm for Earth Science? Sharper Predictions Using Occam’s Digital Razor
  • Can Continental Models Convey Useful Seasonal Hydrologic Information at the Catchment Scale?
  • Does Information Theory Provide a New Paradigm for Earth Science? Hypothesis Testing
  • Climate Adaptation as a Control Problem: Review and Perspectives on Dynamic Water Resources Planning Under Uncertainty
  • Debates-Does Information Theory Provide a New Paradigm for Earth Science? Causality, Interaction, and Feedback

Journal Paper Digests 2020 #11

  • Bibliometric analysis of research on soil health from 1999 to 2018
  • Climate drives global soil carbon sequestration and crop yield changes under conservation agriculture
  • Marching in step: The importance of matching model complexity to data availability in terrestrial biosphere models