Journal Paper Digests 2018 #12

  • Mapping rootable depth and root zone plant-available water holding capacity of the soil of sub-Saharan Africa
  • Accounting for non-stationary variance in geostatistical mapping of soil properties
  • Conservation agriculture practices increase soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in agricultural soils: A global meta-analysis

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #11

  • Characterizing soil particle sizes using wavelet analysis of microscope images
  • A zone-based approach for processing and interpreting variability in multi temporal yield data sets

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #11

  • Epikarst mapping by remote sensing
  • Predictive mapping of soil-landscape relationships in the arid Southwest United States
  • Global linkages between teleconnection patterns and the terrestrial biosphere
  • A scale self-adapting segmentation approach and knowledge transfer for automatically updating land use/cover change databases using high spatial resolution images
  • Towards machine ecoregionalization of Earth’s landmass using pattern segmentation method
  • Laser-based spectroscopic methods to evaluate the humification degree of soil organic matter in whole soils: a review
  • Better models are more effectively connected models
  • Multi-scale relief model (MSRM): a new algorithm for the visualization of subtle topographic change of variable size in digital elevation models
  • Deep learning in agriculture: A survey
  • Mapping agricultural land abandonment from spatial and temporal segmentation of Landsat time series
  • How far are we from the use of satellite rainfall products in landslide forecasting?
  • Mapping rootable depth and root zone plant-available water holding capacity of the soil of sub-Saharan Africa
  • Accounting for non-stationary variance in geostatistical mapping of soil properties
  • Global environmental costs of China’s thirst for milk
  • Exploring the case for a national-scale soil conservation and soil condition framework for evaluating and reporting on environmental and land use policies

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #10

  • Hydrological Storage Length Scales Represented by Remote Sensing Estimates of Soil Moisture and Precipitation
  • A Primer for Model Selection: The Decisive Role of Model Complexity
  • Spatial Variability of Soil Moisture and the Scale Issue: A Geostatistical Approach
  • Soil Texture Often Exerts a Stronger Influence Than Precipitation on Mesoscale Soil Moisture Patterns
  • Deep learning in agriculture: A survey
  • Vineyard water status estimation using multispectral imagery from an UAV platform and machine learning algorithms for irrigation scheduling management
  • Spectral matching based on discrete particle swarm optimization: A new method for terrestrial water body extraction using multi-temporal Landsat 8 images
  • How much can natural resource inventory benefit from finer resolution auxiliary data?
  • A Cubesat enabled Spatio-Temporal Enhancement Method (CESTEM) utilizing Planet, Landsat and MODIS data
  • The functional characterization of grass- and shrubland ecosystems using hyperspectral remote sensing: trends, accuracy and moderating variables
  • Overview of Solar-Induced chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) from the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2: Retrieval, cross-mission comparison, and global monitoring for GPP
  • Soil respiration and its temperature sensitivity (Q10): Rapid acquisition using mid-infrared spectroscopy
  • Soil mineral assemblage and substrate quality effects on microbial priming
  • The singularity index for soil geochemical variables, and a mixture model for its interpretation
  • A pedometric technique to delimitate soil-specific zones at field scale
  • Digital soil monitoring of top- and sub-soil pH with bivariate linear mixed models
  • A preliminary spatial quantification of the soil security dimensions for Tasmania
  • Soil quality - A critical review
  • The root of the matter: Linking root traits and soil organic matter stabilization processes

Journal Paper Digests 2018 #9

  • Spatial distribution and source apportionment of the heavy metals in the agricultural soil in a regional scale