Journal Paper Digests 2023 #19

  • Exploratory Analysis of Surrogate Metrics to Assess the Resilience of Water Distribution Networks
  • Prolonged Drought in a Northern California Coastal Region Suppresses Wildfire Impacts on Hydrology
  • Evidence and Controls of the Acceleration of the Hydrological Cycle Over Land
  • Cycles-L: A Coupled, 3-D, Land Surface, Hydrologic, and Agroecosystem Landscape Model
  • Early Warning Indicators of Groundwater Drought in Mountainous Regions

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #18

  • Molecular complexity and diversity of persistent soil organic matter
  • Ecosystem-scale modelling of soil carbon dynamics: Time for a radical shift of perspective?
  • A numerical approach for modeling crack closure and infiltrated flow in cracked soils
  • Do diversified crop rotations influence soil physical health? A meta-analysis
  • Life cycle assessment, life cycle cost, and exergoeconomic analysis of different tillage systems in safflower production by micronutrients
  • Response of soil organic carbon stock to land use is modulated by soil hydraulic properties
  • Definition of Spatial Copula Based Dependence Using a Family of Non-Gaussian Spatial Random Fields
  • Subsoil carbon loss
  • Real-time social media sentiment analysis for rapid impact assessment of floods
  • Filling the maize yield gap based on precision agriculture – A MaxEnt approach
  • A multi-scale algorithm for the NISAR mission high-resolution soil moisture product
  • Quantifying uncertainty in land-use land-cover classification using conformal statistics
  • Prediction of Na- and Ca-montmorillonite contents and swelling properties of clay mixtures using Vis-NIR spectroscopy

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #17

  • Multidimensional Scaling of Varietal Data in Sedimentary Provenance Analysis
  • The ECO framework: advancing evidence-based science engagement within environmental research programs and organizations
  • Soil moisture retrieval from Sentinel-1 using a first-order radiative transfer model—A case-study over the Po-Valley
  • Mapping global soil acidification under N deposition
  • No detectable upper limit of mineral-associated organic carbon in temperate agricultural soils
  • Limitations of farm management data in analyses of decadal changes in SOC stocks in the Danish soil-monitoring network
  • Characterization by X-ray μCT of the air-filled porosity of an agricultural soil at different matric potentials
  • Surrogate-Model Assisted Plausibility-Check, Calibration, and Posterior-Distribution Evaluation of
  • Do cover crops impact labile C more than total C?
  • A simple soil organic carbon level metric beyond the organic carbon-to-clay ratio

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #16

  • A novel method incorporating large rock fragments for improved soil bulk density and carbon stock estimation
  • Into the Pedocene – Pedology of a changing world
  • Empirical equations for estimating field capacity in dryland cropping soils of southeastern Australia

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #15

  • Downscaling legacy soil information for hydrological soil mapping using multinomial logistic regression
  • Measurement of lime movement and dissolution in acidic soils using mid-infrared spectroscopy
  • The EnMAP imaging spectroscopy mission towards operations
  • Filling the maize yield gap based on precision agriculture – A MaxEnt approach
  • Environmental factors and spatial dependence explain half of the inherent variation in carbon pools of tropical paddy soils
  • Bridging structural and functional hydrological connectivity in dryland ecosystems