Journal Paper Digests 2021 #41

  • The Four Ways to Consider Measurement Noise in Bayesian Model Selection-And Which One to Choose
  • Spatial-temporal characteristics of ecosystem health in Central Asia
  • Responses of soil pH to no-till and the factors affecting it: A global meta-analysis
  • Distribution of soil organic matter fractions are altered with soil priming
  • Soil rock fragments: Unquantified players in terrestrial carbon and nitrogen cycles
  • Protect, manage and then restore lands for climate mitigation
  • Soil quality and grain yield: A win-win combination in clayey tropical oxisols

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #40

  • A soil moisture-based framework for guiding the number and location of soil moisture sensors in agricultural fields
  • Unreconciled effects of salinity on draining and wetting functions in unsaturated soils
  • Empirical assessment of the relation between ecological connectivity and land complexity based on information-theoretic metrics
  • A hybrid method for characterizing tillage-induced soil physical quality at the profile scale with fine spatial details

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #39

  • Reducing the number of experiments required for modelling the hydrocracking process with kriging through Bayesian transfer learning
  • Response-adaptive rerandomization
  • Comparison of Cornell sprinkle infiltrometer and double-ring infiltrometer methods for measuring steady infiltration rate
  • Enhancing the mechanical and hydraulic properties of coarse quartz sand using a water-soluble hydrogel based on bacterial alginate for novel application in agricultural contexts
  • Predicting rootzone soil moisture from surface observations in cropland using an exponential filter
  • An adapted Weibull function for agricultural applications
  • Influence of cropping system and soil type on soil health
  • Soil properties sensitive to degradation caused by increasing intensity of conventional tillage
  • Enacting theories of change for food systems transformation under climate change

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #38

  • The role of public-private partnerships in improving global food security
  • Improved accuracy and reduced uncertainty in greenhouse gas inventories by refining the IPCC emission factor for direct N2O emissions from nitrogen inputs to managed soils
  • Achievable agricultural soil carbon sequestration across Europe from country-specific estimates
  • Mapping soil microbial residence time at the global scale

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #37

  • Potential of visible-near infrared spectroscopy for the determination of three soil aggregate stability indices
  • Minimising the effect of moisture on soil property prediction accuracy using external parameter orthogonalization
  • The trajectory of soil development and its relationship to soil carbon dynamics
  • Estimating soil organic carbon stock change at multiple scales using machine learning and multivariate geostatistics
  • Land-based measures to mitigate climate change: Potential and feasibility by country