Journal Paper Digests 2023 #2

  • Behaviour as leverage
  • Interactive effects of global change drivers as determinants of the link between soil biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • Effects of land clearing for agriculture on soil organic carbon stocks in drylands: A meta-analysis
  • Soils in warmer and less developed countries have less micronutrients globally

Journal Paper Digests 2023 #1

  • Variability of phosphorus sorption properties in hydromorphic soils: Consequences for P losses in agricultural landscapes
  • Fraser Island (K’gari) and initiation of the Great Barrier Reef linked by Middle Pleistocene sea-level change
  • Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition (delta C-13) as a Proxy of Organic Matter Dynamics in Soils on the Western Shore of Lake Baikal
  • Methods for downhole soil water sensor calibration-Complications of bulk density and water content variations
  • Feasibility assessment on use of proximal geophysical sensors to support precision management
  • Soil acidity amelioration improves N and C cycles in the short term in a system with soybean followed by maize-guinea grass intercropping

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #24

  • Fusion of Gamma-rays and portable X-ray fluorescence spectral data to measure extractable potassium in soils
  • Tipping points of marine phytoplankton to multiple environmental stressors
  • Warming reduces global agricultural production by decreasing cropping frequency and yields
  • Benchmarking downscaled satellite-based soil moisture products using sparse, point-scale ground observations
  • A web-based system for satellite-based high-resolution global soil moisture maps

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #23

  • The radiometric accuracy of the 8-band multi-spectral surface reflectance from the planet SuperDove constellation
  • Modeling carbon storage in urban vegetation: Progress, challenges, and opportunities
  • Enigmatic annular landform on a Miocene planar karst surface, Nullarbor Plain, Australia
  • Integrating scientific knowledge into machine learning using interactive decision trees
  • Soil microbiome signatures are associated with pesticide residues in arable landscapes
  • The driving factors and buffering mechanism regulating cropland soil acidification across the Sichuan Basin of China

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #22

  • How well do recently reconstructed solar-induced fluorescence datasets model gross primary productivity?
  • ConstraintID: An online software tool to assist grain growers in Australia identify areas affected by soil constraints
  • Role of fertilization regime on soil carbon sequestration and crop yield in a maize-cowpea intercropping system on low fertility soils
  • Using Bayesian compressed sensing and sparse dictionaries to interpolate soil properties
  • An overview of natural soil amendments in agriculture
  • The nature of spatial variability of four soil chemical properties and the implications for soil sampling
  • Improving the fusion of global soil moisture datasets from SMAP, SMOS, ASCAT, and MERRA2 by considering the non-zero error covariance
  • A Conceptual Framework to Integrate Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, and Ecosystem Service Models