Journal Paper Digests 2018 #1

  • Multi-ecosystem services networks: A new perspective for assessing landscape connectivity and resilience
  • Circumventing structural uncertainty: A Bayesian perspective on nonlinear forecasting for ecology
  • Model updating for the classification of different varieties of maize seeds from different years by hyperspectral imaging coupled with a pre-labeling method
  • Crowdsourcing for agricultural applications: A review of uses and opportunities for a farmsourcing approach
  • Estimating surface soil moisture from SMAP observations using a Neural Network technique
  • The Centenary of the Journal Soil Science: Reflections on the Discipline in the United States and Russia Around a Hundred Years Ago
  • Measurement of Soil Color: A Comparison Between Smartphone Camera and the Munsell Color Charts
  • Alive and kicking: Why dormant soil microorganisms matter

The world was in massive celebration on December 5. If you were wondering what all of that was about, it was because it was World Soil Day. Soils are great and we tend to under appreciate what they do to sustain life on planet earth. Members of our research group at the Sydney Institute of Agriculture within The University of Sydney put together a SOILinar to tell the world that soils do matter. Our SOILinar highlights some of the research we do, and is presented as a number of shortish clips by various members of our research group. Be prepared to learn something new and enjoy.

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #31

  • Shifts in pore connectivity from precipitation versus groundwater rewetting increases soil carbon loss after drought
  • A novel earth observation based ecological indicator for cyanobacterial blooms
  • Wavelength feature mapping as a proxy to mineral chemistry for investigating geologic systems: An example from the Rodalquilar epithermal system
  • Dynamics of Agricultural Soil Erosion in European Russia
  • Towards process-informed bias correction of climate change simulations
  • Higher climatological temperature sensitivity of soil carbon in cold than warm climates
  • Aeolian sediment fingerprinting using a Bayesian mixing model
  • Near real time de-noising of satellite-based soil moisture retrievals: An intercomparison among three different techniques
  • Landsat images and crop model for evaluating water stress of rainfed soybean

Towards the latter part of October 2017, i had the pleasure of, with my colleague Budiman Minasny, to conduct an intensive digital soil mapping training course in Korea for scientists in the Rural Development Agency. Also on this whirlwind trip, i attended at the Korean Soil and Fertiliser Conference. Here i delivered a keynote talk about soil carbon mapping in Australia. My colleagues, Budiman and Dominique Arrourays and Darren Kidd also presented keynotes at the conference- “Technology and Prospects of Digital Soil Mapping”.

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #31

  • An Assessment of Pedotransfer Function Performance for the Estimation of Spatial Variability of Key soil Hydraulic Properties
  • Spatial Distribution of Organic Matter Compounds at Intact Macropore Surfaces Predicted by DRIFT Spectroscopy
  • Introduction of Faba bean in crop rotation: Impacts on soil chemical and biological characteristics
  • SituResp (R): A time- and cost-effective method to assess basal soil respiration in the field
  • Exploring the reservoir of potential fungal plant pathogens in agricultural soil
  • Near real time de-noising of satellite-based soil moisture retrievals: An intercomparison among three different techniques
  • Landsat images and crop model for evaluating water stress of rainfed soybean
  • The optical trapezoid model: A novel approach to remote sensing of soil moisture applied to Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 observations
  • A new method for crop classification combining time series of radar images and crop phenology information
  • Spatial variability of Australian soil texture: A multiscale analysis
  • Multiscale contextual spatial modelling with the Gaussian scale space
  • A new evaluation approach of World War One’s devastated front zone: A shell hole density map based on historical aerial photographs and validated by electromagnetic induction field measurements to link the metal shrapnel phenomenon
  • Modified Centroid for Estimating Sand, Silt, and Clay from Soil Texture Class
  • Statistics, Scoring Functions, and Regional Analysis of a Comprehensive Soil Health Database