Journal Paper Digests 2022 #21

  • Factors controlling SOC stability in colluvial soils under contrasting climate and soil weathering conditions
  • The dynamic changes of soil air-filled porosity associated with soil shrinkage in a Vertisol
  • The probability-based granular field of vegetated soils
  • Understanding geological reports based on knowledge graphs using a deep learning approach
  • Feeding existing expertise into a possibly ‘new’ theory for soil health?
  • Remote sensing of land change: A multifaceted perspective
  • The Dutch soil physical units map: BOFEK

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #20

  • Visual assessment of soil structural quality across soil textures and compaction levels - Part II: Examination of profile walls vs Intact soil cores.
  • Evaluation of aggregate stability methods for soil health
  • From point to field scale-indirect monitoring of soil moisture variations at the DWD test site in Falkenberg
  • Visual assessment of soil structural quality across soil textures and compaction levels - Part I: Examination of intact soil cores
  • Soil organic matter storage in temperate lowland arable, grassland and woodland topsoil and subsoil
  • Remote Sensing of Groundwater: Current Capabilities and Future Directions
  • Differentiable, Learnable, Regionalized Process-Based Models With Multiphysical Outputs can Approach State-Of-The-Art Hydrologic Prediction Accuracy

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #19

  • Characterizing Groundwater Chemistry and Recharge in the Critical Zone of an Agricultural Claypan Watershed.
  • Halving nitrogen waste in the European Union food systems requires both dietary shifts and farm level actions.
  • Anthropogenic dark earth: Evolution, distribution, physical, and chemical properties
  • LUCAS Soil Biodiversity and LUCAS Soil Pesticides, new tools for research and policy development
  • Explainable AI for earth observation: A review including societal and regulatory perspectives
  • Knowledge representation in digital agriculture: A step towards standardised model
  • Monitoring changes in global soil organic carbon stocks from space

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #18

  • Cover crop functional types differentially alter the content and composition of soil organic carbon in particulate and mineral-associated fractions
  • Design and development of low-power, long-range data acquisition system for beehives-BeeDAS
  • On the Uncertainty Induced by Pedotransfer Functions in Terrestrial Biosphere Modeling
  • Deep-C storage: Biological, chemical and physical strategies to enhance carbon stocks in agricultural subsoils
  • Soil health and microplastics: a review of the impacts of microplastic contamination on soil properties
  • Soil acidification induced by intensive agricultural use depending on climate

Journal Paper Digests 2022 #17

  • An evaluation of carbon indicators of soil health in long-term agricultural experiments
  • A new criterion based on estimator variance for model sampling in precision agriculture
  • Forest and Freshwater Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change and Variability at US LTER Sites
  • Cross-Site Comparisons of Dryland Ecosystem Response to Climate Change in the US Long-Term Ecological Research Network
  • Responses of Coastal Ecosystems to Climate Change: Insights from Long-Term Ecological Research
  • Long-Term Ecological Research on Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change
  • Spatiotemporal assessments of nutrients and water quality in coastal areas using remote sensing and a spatiotemporal deep learning model
  • Tillage strategies optimize SOC distribution to reduce carbon footprint