Journal Paper Digests 2021 #34

  • Soil carbon sequestration potential and the identification of hotspots in the eastern Corn Belt of the United States
  • Sensitivity and variability of soil health indicators in a California cropping system
  • Relating indicators to soil health functions in conventional and organic Mediterranean cropping systems

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #33

  • Satellite Earth observation to support sustainable rural development
  • An overview of agriculture 4.0 development: Systematic review of descriptions, technologies, barriers, advantages, and disadvantages
  • How sustainable is sustainable intensification? Assessing yield gaps at field and farm level across the globe
  • Additive effects of organic and inorganic amendments can significantly improve structural stability of a sodic dispersive subsoil
  • Does biochar application alleviate soil compaction? Review and data synthesis
  • To standardize by mass of soil or organic carbon? A comparison of permanganate oxidizable carbon (POXC) assay methods
  • Spatial extrapolation of topographic models for mapping soil organic carbon using local samples
  • Empirical estimation of soil temperature and its controlling factors in Australia: Implication for interaction between geographic setting and air temperature

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #32

  • Classification, segmentation and correlation of zoned minerals
  • Leveraging observed soil heterotrophic respiration fluxes as a novel constraint on global-scale models
  • Important constraints on soil organic carbon formation efficiency in subtropical and tropical grasslands
  • Tomography in Soil Science: From the First Experiments to Modern Methods (A Review)
  • The unexplored role of preferential flow in soil carbon dynamics

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #31

  • A clean energy future isn’t set in stone
  • Numerical soil horizon classification from South Africa’s legacy database
  • Spatial variability-based sample size allocation for stratified sampling
  • Soil nutrients increase long-term soil carbon gains threefold on retired farmland
  • Linking decomposition rates of soil organic amendments to their chemical composition
  • Papatuanuku, Earth Mother: indigenous knowledge in 21st century soil management

Journal Paper Digests 2021 #30

  • Soil properties: Their prediction and feature extraction from the LUCAS spectral library using deep convolutional neural networks
  • Assessing new sensor-based volume measurement methods for high-throughput bulk density estimation in the field under various soil conditions