Journal Paper Digests 2017 #25

  • Evolutionary conservation of a core root microbiome across plant phyla along a tropical soil chronosequence
  • Geochemical proxies of sediment provenance in alluvial plains with interfering fluvial systems: A study case from NE Italy
  • National baselines for the Sustainable Development Goals assessed in the SDG Index and Dashboards
  • Multiresolution analysis of characteristic length scales with high-resolution topographic data
  • A geospatial decision support system for supporting quality viticulture at the landscape scale
  • Farm reorientation assessment model based on multi-criteria decision making

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #24

  • Major agricultural changes required to mitigate phosphorus losses under climate change
  • The optical trapezoid model: A novel approach to remote sensing of soil moisture applied to Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 observations.
  • An expert system model for mapping tropical wetlands and peatlands reveals South America as the largest contributor
  • Soil carbon sequestration due to post-Soviet cropland abandonment: estimates from a large-scale soil organic carbon field inventory
  • Validation of the ANOCOVA model for regional-scale ECa to ECe calibration
  • Predicting soil workability and fragmentation in tillage: a review
  • Soil health - What should the doctor order?
  • Soil protection for a sustainable future: options for a soil monitoring network for Ireland

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #23

  • Agriculture in 2050: Recalibrating Targets for Sustainable Intensification
  • Temperature-Vegetation-soil Moisture Dryness Index (TVMDI)
  • Combining measured sites, soilscapes map and soil sensing for mapping soil properties of a region

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #22

  • Tracking fertiliser and soil nitrogen in irrigated cotton: uptake, losses and the soil N stock
  • Applying regularized logistic regression (RLR) for the discrimination of sediment facies in reservoirs based on composite fingerprints.
  • Multivariate Copula Analysis Toolbox (MvCAT): Describing dependence and underlying uncertainty using a Bayesian framework
  • Comparison of Vis-NIR on in situ, intact core and dried, sieved soil to estimate clay content at field to regional scales
  • A pragmatic, automated approach for retroactive calibration of soil moisture sensors using a two-step, soil-specific correction
  • Nonlinear parametric modelling to study how soil properties affect crop yields and NDVI
  • An adaptive approach for UAV-based pesticide spraying in dynamic environments
  • Extracting the intertidal extent and topography of the Australian coastline from a 28 year time series of Landsat observations
  • Establishment of critical limits of indicators and indices of soil quality in rice-rice cropping systems under different soil orders
  • Accounting for taxonomic distance in accuracy assessment of soil class predictions

Journal Paper Digests 2017 #21

  • Towards improved quality of soil morphology and analytical data in Australia: starting the discussion
  • Rapid prediction of soil mineralogy using imaging spectroscopy
  • Characteristics of Acoustic Emissions from Soil Subjected to Confined Uniaxial Compression
  • Spatiotemporal Scaling of Vegetation Growth and Soil Formation: Explicit Predictions
  • Decadal soil carbon accumulation across Tibetan permafrost regions
  • Rapid estimation of cation exchange capacity from soil water content
  • Comparative evaluation of relative calibration methods for DMSP/OLS nighttime lights
  • Global bare ground gain from 2000 to 2012 using Landsat imagery